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Aubergines Friedcakes

Antonietta 28/06/2023

This is a typical italian street food recipe with tasty flavor, “Toads” that’s what the friedcakes with leftover vegetables were called when I was a child. They are quick and easy to prepare and if you want you can replace the salt, pepper and aubergines with chopped fruit, sugar and cinnamon, so you will have… Continue Reading »


Pizza soft inside crunchy outside

Antonietta 29/05/2022

I think this is the recipe will make happy everyone, it’s really easy to prepare fast and tasty even without too many ingredients. Ingredients for one baking tray: 250 g flour 00, 150 + 20 ml room temperature water, 10 g brewer’s yeast, 3 + 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 2 pinches of salt…. Continue Reading »


Pastiera Cilento style

Antonietta 06/02/2021

This recipe was given to me by an elderly woman from Palinuro (Salerno)  whom I sincerely thank her. The particular and different from the usual ingredients are: dried white figs from Cilento, sheep’s milk ricotta and lemons from Cilento which are very difficult finding. I hope you will understand everything I wrote here and in… Continue Reading »


Gubana, Brioche of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Antonietta 09/12/2020

Gubana is a typical filled brioche of Friuli Venezia Giulia and nearby areas, its peculiarity is the combination with Grappa as well as dried fruit such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts and others spicies. 12 servings. Brioche dough ingredients: 440 g all pourpose flour, 120 g soft butter, 100 g sugar, 40 g honey, 2… Continue Reading »


Marron glacés, candied chestnuts

Antonietta 02/08/2019

A difficult but not impossible recipe, it’ll be enough to arm yourself by patience and … patience  to make a delicious products. It’s necessary very good quality of the chestnuts (such as Marroni Piemontesi from northern Italy or Marroni di Serino from southern Italy or other good ones of your country) to have acceptable result…. Continue Reading »


Limoncello liquor

Antonietta 06/05/2018

The recipe of Limoncello has many variations, this one has small differences with a recipe already published but it’s always worth trying out new paths of taste that readers suggest. Ingredients for 2 liters of Limoncello: 1 kg of Amalfi lemons (or Organic lemons with thick peel), 1 liter of alcohol at 95 °, large… Continue Reading »


Aubergines Parmigiana

Antonietta 07/01/2018

Classic recipe that represents the typical southern good and tasty cuisine, excellent as a single dish for the richness of the ingredients. Subtitles are also available in the video. Ingredients serve 2 . 500 g eggplant, 4 eggs, 150 g stringy cheese (provola, scamorza, …), 80/100 g grated cheese, 2 tablespoon of table salt, pepper,… Continue Reading »


Mousse con marmellata riciclata, video

Antonietta 28/09/2015

Può capitare che si dimentichi la marmellata in frigo o che aprendo il vasetto, si scopra che ha un velo di muffa in superficie. Se quando è stata aperta, la marmellata era perfettamente sotto vuoto, è possibile riutilizzarla, DOPO averla sterilizzata con bollitura che duri almeno 10 minuti. Quando sarà fredda, basterà aggiungere un po… Continue Reading »


Fusilli metodo facile, video.

Antonietta 18/01/2015

In questo video viene spiegato, passo dopo passo, come fare i Fusilli velocemente, utilizzando la macchina per fare la pasta nella prima parte del procedimento, in modo da dimezzare i tempi della preparazione. Naturalmente fusillare resta una operazione che non si può semplificare. Per adesso! English  transcription is available . Altre preparazioni di pasta fatta… Continue Reading »

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