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Antonietta 24/10/2013

It easy to prepare yogurt at home, needs patience and little bit of your time. The photos shown recipe details step by step, so you can follow them. Make attention at recipe time starting, thus to spare yourself to deal with recipe in the middle of the night. Remember that the skim milk will give a softer yoghurt .

  • 1 liter whole milk,
  • 100 grams of natural yoghurt, at room temperature,
  • 8 jars and lids (abaut 125 grams) sterilized and dried,
  • 1 large pot with lid,
  • a warm plaid.

Boil the milk for 12 minutes or at least until it’s reduced by abaut 20%.
Let cool at about 40°C; if you haven’t a cooking thermometer, place your hands around the pot, if you can keep them, without getting burnt, the temperature is about right point. Don’t pour the milk from a pot to another, to accelerate cooling, inattention could be cause of contamination. However, you can let it cool by placing a pot over a bowl of frozen water.





Meanwhile, sterilize jars and lids and boiling abaut 1 liter of water that will be used to coagulate the milk.





When the temperature of milk will be decreased at about 40°C, add the yogurt and stir very carefully and slowly, so the enzymes are perfectly and evenly distribuited.  Fill sterilized and dried jars, close with its lids and place them  in large and suitable pot.





Pour hot water slowly, taking care to keep its level 2 cm below the jars lids (so this will allow to create the vacuum).
Close the pot with its lid and wrap it gently with warm plaid, as shown in the photos.





Put everything in a quiet place, the oven off is the ideal place, as always when preparations should be kept away from drafts or jolts, as in this case.   Let to pass 14 hours before removing the jars from the pot, and then  store them in the refrigerator.
Some times the yogurt has a thin liquid layer, which does’nt change the result, in fact, is absorbed in 1 or 2 days.





Remember to keep a jar for next preparation, it must be made by same way.
The yoghurt will keept for 7/10 days and when opened, should be consumed within 2/3 days.

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