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Apricots in syrup

Antonietta 16/10/2013

For this preparation you need unripe, fragrant and undamaged fruits. Biologic fruits or nearly productions are the best, for recipes like this one.  You can use whole fruit  if small, otherwise fruit divided in two parts. Ingredients: 500 grams apricots. 300 grams sugar, 200 grams water, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 sterilized jar and lid… Continue Reading »


Infusion: all abaut it.

Antonietta 17/09/2013

It’s obtained by liquid pours over leaves, buds, flowers, fruits, drugs (fresh or dried), rich in flavors and fragrances, to extract the active principles you need; leave it to stand a ranging time from 3 minutes to 8 hours, then use the liquid after filtered, the ingredients are discarded . The infusion is the easiest… Continue Reading »


Yellow peach jam plus peels jelly

Antonietta 06/09/2013

In this time, a large amount of fruits  has already been brought in the refrigerator, where they will be stored to be distributed in the next months. For  lucky owners,  harvested or organic fruits  must be needed for this easy recipe to get two products instead of one: peach jam and delicious jelly,  made with… Continue Reading »


Courgettes with cheese and pepper

Antonietta 03/09/2013

This is a simple and ancient recipe, nevertheless imaginative and very economical. All variety of courgettes are suitable for this preparation, but for some giant marrows, must need to take off the seeds, before cooking. Courgettes aren’t as full to bursting with vitamins as some other vegetables, but they contains vitamin C and fibre, which… Continue Reading »


Middle-Earth’s ring cake.

Antonietta 19/06/2013

I like  this ring cake, filled with good and sunny ingredients, it reminds me the Middle-Earth. I hope it will delight even those are passionate about Tolkien’s  saga:  “The Lord Of The Rings”, “The Hobbit” and the first epic tale “ The Silmarillion”. Well, here are the ingredients we’ll need. Sponge cake: 100 g /… Continue Reading »


Methods of preparetion and use of herbs.

Antonietta 14/06/2013

Here are some natural and  easy homemade ways, to take the healing properties of herbs. Remember: 100 gr (3,½ oz) dried herbs is the same as 200 gr (7 oz) fresh herbs. The best water called for i recipe is distilled water (fresh rain-water is preferable, when it’s possible). Add always the date and the… Continue Reading »


Be healthy with onions (Allium Cepa).

Antonietta 14/06/2013

Here are some diseases that can be healed by the onion (Allium Cepa), very simple recipes that we all can prepare at home. We must not fear its pungent smell, the onion can help us to solve many health problems. We all can benefit from this concentration of therapeutic virtue, exception for pregnant women and… Continue Reading »

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