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Antonietta 18/02/2013

All recipes and galenic preparations described in  Phytotherapy  category,  are for adults and should be modified and adapted  to be used by infants, children, elderly  and pregnant women.

For children, the dose should be reduced by the age:

  • up  2 years  old, should be given 1/6 of  adult dose,
  • from 2 to 4 y.o should be  given as 1/5 of adult dose,
  • from 4 to 6 y.o should be given ¼ of  adult dose,
  • from 6 to 8 y.o is to be administered 1/3 of  adult dose,
  • from 8 to 10 y.o should be given half of  adult dose,
  • after 10 years old, the dose may be  for adults.

Older people suffer over time a metabolic slowdown, it’s  recommended  remedies reduction by 20% of doses.

Elderly people are particularly sensitive or debilitated,  it’s recommended to reduce the dose by  50% .

Warning: weeds!
During pregnancy, it’s better  avoid to  take natural remedies; some herbs should be absolutely banned because contain active ingredients that can have damaging effects to various degrees on the placenta and  fetus:  Berberis vulgaris, Celidonia, Matricaria chamomilla, Ranuncolacea, Viscum album, Juniperus rigida,  Artemisia Absinthium, Commiphora,  Mentha spicata, Tanacetum vulgare, Capsella bursa-pastoris.

Remember that some herbs should be avoided when there are specific pathologies:

Salvia  officinalis, should be avoided if you are suffering from epilepsy,
Glycyrrhiza glabra,  is deleterious for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

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