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Yellow peach jam plus peels jelly

Antonietta 06/09/2013

In this time, a large amount of fruits  has already been brought in the refrigerator, where they will be stored to be distributed in the next months. For  lucky owners,  harvested or organic fruits  must be needed for this easy recipe to get two products instead of one: peach jam and delicious jelly,  made with peels juice.


  • 1,5 kg yellow peachs,
  • 1,3 kg abaut sugar (800 grams for 1 kg peachs pulp and other for jelly),
  • sterilized jars and  lids,
  • pots, bowls and  ladles of steel,
  • strainer or colander,
  • tea towel or dish cloth.

For the jelly:

  • 250 ml homemade pectin (if you buy it, follow the instructions;  if you don’t use it, then let cook a little more time).

Wash and peel the peaches, weighing pits and peels, put them in a bowl and add same quantity of sugar, mix and leave them macerate for 24 hours.





Sterilize the jars and  the lids and let them dry thoroughly.  Cut the peachs into small pieces and add 800 grams of sugar per kilo of chopped peachs, stir and cook over medium heat,  stirring and  skimming all impurities.





After about 30 minutes, check the density of the jam by a spoonful on cold dessert plate and leave in freezer for 30 seconds, then tilting the plate, if the jam not falls or slips then it’s ready. Other-wise move a finger in a little quantity of lukeworm jam, if remains a groove that doesn’t close, then the density is  right.





When the jam is ready, fill up the jars, close well and turn them upside down; this way will creates a vacuum to perfectly jam preserve. Leave them 2-3 minutes and when cooled then date, label and store in dry place.





After 24 hours, take again the sugary pits and rinds, shuffle for a little while and pour all in the tea towel, laies on the colander, laies on the cooking pot, to filter them all.





Cover with a dish cloth and leave to filter out at least 3 hours.





When the time’s up, twist gently the towel to retrieve a few drops, but don’t overdo it, otherwise the jelly will not be clear.





Add 250 ml of homemade pectin and 100 grams of sugar, to speed up thickening and scent preservation by short cooking. If you haven’t, don’t worry, it will just a little more time to thickening.





Heat on the medium flame and let thicken; after 20 minutes you can try density using a method among described for jam. When the jelly is ready, fill up the jars, close well and turn them upside down; this way will creates a vacuum to perfectly jelly preserve. Leave them 2-3 minutes and then turned over; when there are  cooled,  date, label and store in dry place.
The jams and jellies can be kept for abaut 2 years; once opened, should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3 or 4 weeks.

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